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How to play

01. Connect Metamask

Download Metamask, create wallet and connect it to Euphoria Games


02. Import BUSD

Import your BUSD tokens to your Metamask wallet


03. Deposit to Poker Balance

Deposit desired amount to your gaming balance


04. Start Playing

Get rewarded for playing your favorite games!


Play Poker on the first fully Decentralized platform against other real users Distribution of winnings is totally transparent, players can even see all of the transactions since Euphoria is written on Smart Contracts


Poker Rules

Euphoria Poker is the most popular type of poker - Texas Hold 'em. The rules are precisely the same as in usual Texas Hold`em, however, the difference is that the placed amount gets frozen since Euphoria operates with Smart Contracts, by the end of the game Smart Contract will distribute the frozen tokens to the winners.

Texas Hold-em

Each player in a Texas Hold`em poker game receives two cards that are dealt face down, referred to as hole cards. After that, you have the option to Check, Bet, or Fold during the betting round. This part of the game is called Pre-flop and your strategy will depend on your beginning hand, also known as hole cards.

Shared cards
Your hand
Four of a type

Your hole cards and the five cards in the middle will be used to form the strongest five-card poker hand you can in Texas Hold`em. For instance, you have four of a type if the shared cards are 8-8-A-3-4 and you have a hand of 8-8. With K-Q-A-3-5 as the shared cards, you would only have two eights.

1) Three shared cards are dealt face up in the center of the table after all betting has concluded. This is known as a Flop.

2) Then there is another round, where the fourth card is placed on the table - called The Turn.

3) During the next round, called The River , the last shared card is revealed and is also a final round of betting.

How to become the winner?

There are two ways to end up the game:

  • The first is “Showdown” when all of the players reveal their hole cards and the player with the best results wins.
  • Another way is when one of the participants places the highest bet that other players just fold.
Jack SpadesDiamonds 9Clubs 9
Jack Spades
Hearts 4